At Bulent & Lina Tango, Toronto Tango program are structured in 4 core levels with small sub-levels. Students who follow these levels can usually master concepts and skills of Argentine Tango much faster. To ensure that students are able to dance on a social dance floor in a few weeks' of dance lessons, we are keen on incorporating elegance, grace, good techniques, improvisation skills as well as floor craft since the early days of Tango Dance learning.

With over 25 years of experience in dancing and teaching, Bulent & Lina are able to breakdown the most complex information to simple concepts so students can learn with ease.


We continuously monitor the progess of every student, for students who progress faster, we do allow students to advance to the next level much sooner.


Beginner Level I : 6 - week session

Requirement:  Absolute Beginners with very little exposure to tango dance

Upon completion: Students are already able to master some basics to execute a few dances

Beginner Level II : 6 - week session

Requirement:  Beginner with some tango dance knowledge

Upon completion: Students are able to improvise on social dance floor with good tango techniques, a variety of movements including, walking with elegance, parellel & cross sytems, ocho cortados, change of direction and simple turns


Intermediate Level  I  / II  /  III   (18-weeks session in 3 levels)
Requirement:  Students who passed the beginner levels with Bulent & Lina. For new students, at least 6 - 8 months of tango training is required and should be able to execute simple turns, ocho cortados and understand parallel & cross systems with good floor craft.
Upon completion:  Students will master better techniques and improvisation skills, giros, sacadas, voleos and more, and complex combinations of changing directions, interpreting different tango music and musicality, and should be able to dance with improvise with fluidity.


Advanced Techniques for Leaders & Followers   (ongoing level with Advanced Topics focusing on closed embrace, usually 18 to 30-week session depending on progress and choice of student)
Requirement:  Students who passed the Intermediate levels with Bulent & Lina. For new students, a minimum of 4 years tango experience is required.


Advanced Level II / Master Class (ongoing level with Master level topics)

Requirement: Minimum 4 years of solid experience required, registration with partner highly recommended
Curriculum:  The syllabus will cover more complex structures of Argentine Tango, advanced musicality, combinations of complex figures and quality of dance as advanced dancers. 


Performance Class for Experienced Dancers
Requirement: At least 5 years of intensive Argentine Tango experience and audition is required for the class, registration with partner a MUST






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