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The most Sexy, Sensual, Elegant yet

Passionate Dance in the World.


Tango has been known as a emotional, mysterious and passionate music genre. Tango music and dance began as social dance gatherings in Rio del Plata and Buenos Aires in Argentina as well as Montevideo, Uruguay.  
While there is no official documentation about the origins of Tango, it is believed that the word "Tango" came from West African languages, meaning "a long walk" or "a gathering space".

In 1880s, the descendants of African slaves, workers and immigrants gathered in the small quarters in these port cities after a long day of work. Tango became the melting pot of cultures with strong African roots and indigenous folklore contributing to its rhythm, and mix of music and dance brought by immigrants from all over South America, Central America and Europe.  Some of the very first Tango musicians and Tango teachers were Afro-Argentines.


Tango music and Tango dance is one of the world's most precious and unique art form and were declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. 

Tango was then widely known as Argentine Tango when choreographed Tango Shows were brought to the stages of New York by Argentine Tango Dance Companies in 1970s.


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