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Tango is about life, about relationships and about love.  It is not necessarily the romantic love that we all refer to. It is the love in an embrace, in the moment and the music that you shared and expressed with your dance partner. There is harmony, fluidity, ups and downs, as well as pauses and breathing as in Tango music. When two people connect and flow together on the dance floor like one person, it is perceived as "love" in the form of respect and care for your partner, and of course, for all other dancers who shared the same dance floor. 


They say, if you can walk, you can dance Tango?

es, Tango is a walking dance consisted mainly of walking, stopping, turning and embellishing.


Some people even say that Argentina Tango does not have dance steps

Well... not true, there are basic Tango Steps and Tango figures. And some logic and structure so we can understand each other. Much like playing an instrument, speaking and understanding a language or telling your computer what to do.


There is No "Mistakes" in Tango.

Yes, Tango is an improvised dance, "mistake" are seen as opportunities. It is a beautiful song, why get stuck in one mistake, right?


Unlike most dance forms that require some sets of steps and choreographed sequences, Tango has a lot of room for spontaneous creation and response once you understand the structure and logic, much like musicians jamming and composing a song on the fly.

To do that, you need to learn good connection and language of communication with your partner. Not with words, but through feelings and body language.


Is Tango Easy to Learn ?

Easy as it might sound, it does take time to practice how to "walk" with your partner very well. A good dance is based on good connection with the partner, the style of walking and the elegance of movements. Tango is not judged by how many moves a dancer does, nor how fast they can move.

What really is Argentine Tango?

Argentine Tango is not a culture based on showing off your flashy movements. it is more about focusing on your partner's experience. But caring about how your partner feels, you can then create harmony, express the music and sometimes reaching a meditative moment in dance together. 


Best tango is like a top quality wine, a wine that is mature, smooth, full of depth and complexity, completed with a pleasant after taste.

What about those dramatic Tango I saw on shows?

Show Tango, Stage Tango or Tango Escenario, is another genre of Argentine Tango that is derived from the original social Argentine Tango. The movements in show Tango are not improvised, and it is not suitable for Milonga (social dance floors) Jumps, lifts and exaggerated and fast movements were added from ballet for the excitement of the spectators. Previously trainings in other dance forms are recommended before learning performance Tango.


The most Sexy, Sensual, Elegant yet

Passionate Dance in the World.



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