Tango as a Dance

Tango is about life, about relationships and about love.  It is not necessarily romantic love as we all refer to. It is the love in an embrace, in the moment and the music that you shared and expressed with your dance partner. There is harmony, fluidity as well as ups and downs, pauses and breathing as expressed in the music as two people connect and flow on the dance floor like one person. It is "love" in the form of respect and care for your partner, and of course, for the other dancers who share the same dance floor. 


They say, if you can walk, you can dance Tango. Tango is a walking dance, it is consists of mainly walk, breath, turn, and embellishment. It is also an improvised dance, which means there is no "mistakes". Unlike most dance forms, which requires you to acquire some sets of steps and movements to become be a good dancer, more often than not, in Tango, people will tell you that someone improvises very well, or someone has very good connection. Some people even say that Argentina Tango does not have steps, apart from some basic structure that you need to master. The rest is all about connection that makes the 2 people move as ONE.

Easy as it might sound, it does take time and practice to "walk" very well. Indeed, most of the time, people evaluate a dancer by how good they walk and breathe in the dance, not by how many moves they do, how fast they move or how good they look on the dance floor. Argentine Tango is not a culture based on showing off your flashy moves . it is more about focusing on your own experience of connecting to your partner, and together you create harmony, express the music and sometimes reaching a meditative moment in dance. As a matter of fact, top dancers in the world does not necessarily move faster on the dance floor.


Best tango is like a top quality wine, a wine that is mature, smooth, full of depth and complexity, completed with a pleasant after taste.


The most Sexy, Sensual, Elegant yet

Passionate Dance in the World.




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