Argentine Tango Toronto

The Famous

Tango Techniques Workshop

EVERY MONDAY 7.30-8.30pm
starting AUGUST 9


Leaders' Tango Techniques by Bulent
Followers' Adornos & Techniques by Lina

Argentine Tango, Bulent & Lina, Tango Toronto
TECHNIQUE DRILLS for Leaders & Followers

7.30pm - 8.30pm, Mondays (All levels)

** Ladies' Techniques & Adornos with Lina 

Technique Drills with Professional Dancers 

- Super Balance

- Good Giros, and even better Giros

- Secrets on better Following & Connection

- Bodywork and Alignment

- Flexibility & Strength

- Ladies' Adornos 

- Styling of movement

Be ready for one-hour exercise, some light stretching & de-stress and fun. Please bring along socks (or dance sneakers without heels), a pair of high heels, and ideally, a yoga mat for floor exercises. Other exercise equipment will be provided by teacher.


** Leaders Technique with Bulent Karabagli

Leaders are welcome to join part of the exercises, but will work separately on Leader's techniques:

- Elegant Walk

- Musicality

- Leading Techniques

- Enrosques & Lapiz

- Leaders' Embellishment, etc.

ALL LEVELS SUNDAY : $125 for 6-class session ; $320 for 3 months


Student Discount: For all Full-time students with Valid Student id:

All levels : $85 per 6-class session (no drop-in allowed)