Tango 8 Fest . Toronto .8 - 11 Nov 2018




Milton "El Gallo" Azevedo is not your regular DJ. He is an entertainer who understands that every moment, every second, of an event matters. His approach to DJing mirrors his approach to tango. He looks to deeply connect with the people in the room, carefully selecting songs, tandas, and even cortinas to create a mood that accentuates the experience for each dancer present. Be careful, his exuberant energy is infectious! Occasionally, you may even find him standing on chairs, orchestrating the experience and engaging with the crowd. Milton hails from Boston-ish (MA, USA). He DJs regularly all across the northeast United States, Canada and Euriope in "Zurich Tango Marathon", "Berlin Summer Tango Marathon", "Abrazo" and "La Fete" (Montréal, QC), TTX and Tango 8 Fest (Toronto, ON), Puerto Rico Tango Marathon (San Juan, PR), "ESO" (Buffalo, NY), "Natural Tango Festival" (Denver, CO), "LOCA" and "BOSthon" (Newton, MA) and others!

DJ Rick Kim . Based in Washington, DC, Rick Kim started dancing tango in 2008 and has been DJing since 2010, at festivals and marathons in North America, Europe, and Asia. Polar dynamics, romance, and intoxication are his key ingredients to instigate happiness at a milonga.

DJ Seanny Sebastian Started tango journey in 2011. Golden Age Tango Orchestra has been main motivation of dancing career. Since 2014, He has been regular DJ at monthly milonga in Chicago. Seanny has been Djed at milongas, practicas, and festivals in cities such as Austin, Toronto, St. Louis and Chicago. He is also an organizer of Pavadita - Traditional milonga at Chicago and continuously DJing there since 2017. He focus on creating the dancing floor with great energy and atmosphere with deep emotional traditional music selections. But ultimately he is playing and dancing tango with heart.

DJ Bruno began his Tango journey in Boston in 2007. He was driven to the dance by the music and up to this day it still plays a major role in driving every tango related pursuit. He soon voraciously devoured all things tango from as many teachers as possible and it was only a matter of time until he became involved in the Boston community, volunteering for festivals such as Tango de los Muertos and hosting the Odd Tuesday Milonga. He moved to DC in 2011 where he DJ’ed in several milongas. He currently lives in the Ottawa (that’s Canada) region where he has started Impromptu Tango, a group focused on bringing several takes on tango to lesser explored spaces. He is deeply committed to connecting people through music and dance. He currently DJs regularly in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto interspersed by some visits to US and Europe. Bruno likes to create a symbiotic relationship with the dancers and venture together throughout the night in a adventure of music and dance. He doesn’t create a playlist before the milongas often and when he does he has found himself never using them. It is really the present that makes him pick the music. Curious and nerdy as anyone can be he is always interested talking about interactive art, namely the interplay between music and dance. Feel free to get in touch with him about all things music, dance, tango and crazy project ideas. Especially the crazy project ideas.

DJ Igor “El Espejero” started dancing tango in 2011, and DJing in 2012. Since then he has been invited to play his music to over 150 milongas and festivals in London, Dublin, Buffalo, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Minsk, Kiev, Lvov, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires, while actively DJing at various milonga venues in Toronto, the city of his residence. His musical style is heavily influenced, on one hand, by the abundant energy of the Italian tango DJs, and, on the other, by the profound and sensual musical selection of the younger generation of Buenos Aires musicalizadors. Igor also has deeply immersed himself into the sound engineering. His articles and webinars on the various technical aspects of tango DJing are well known around the world. Igor says: “I believe that it is the dance floor that dictates the choices to the DJ, not other way around. Thus, I neither program my music in advance of the event, nor I attempt to ‘educate’ or ‘challenge’ the dancers. My only goal is to deliver the best danceable music and abundant energy to the floor, from the first to the last tanda, without a single exception.”