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ADVANCED TANGO II Tango Lessons with Bulent & Lina

Advanced Level II / Master Class (ongoing level with Master level topics)

This level is more focused work on couples and advanced dancers in complex figures, interpreting different music, perfecting techniques and movement as well as high level musicality. 

Requirement: Minimum 4 years of solid tango experience in milongas and tango classes, Registration with partner is a MUST.

Curriculum:  The syllabus will cover more complex structures of Argentine Tango, advanced musicality, combinations of complex figures and quality of dance as advanced dancers. 





Tango Practices for Students

Apart from taking classes, students are highly recommended to practice as much as possible. We offer Three PRACTICE session for our students every week. While the public have to pay for these practices, we made them FREE for our student.  It is the time to ask questions and try out what you learned with different partners, discuss and improvise.

As a matter of fact, all our students know that Bulent & Lina are very generous with their knowledge and are very willing to help and to share.


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